The industry group and the companies

In June 2018, the Swedish government presented its national infrastructure plan. This includes investments in maritime traffic to Luleå and new locks in Trollhättan. The Swedish Maritime Administration has carried out a feasibility study of Swedish icebreakers. In its report dated 30 October 2017, the organisation recommended the acquisition of five new icebreakers, four for the Gulf of Bothnia and one for Lake Vänern.

The industry group

The industry group was formed in 2018 following an agreement between ABB, Saab Kockums, SSAB and Stena. Wallenius became a member of the group in 2019. In the spring of 2020, Sweden and Finland signed a cooperation agreement regarding the design of new icebreakers. In August 2020, the Finnish companies ABB Finland, Rauma Marine Constructions and Wärtsilä joined the industry group.

The aim of the members of the industry group is to work together to:

Cost-effectively meet Sweden’s and Finland’s future needs for new icebreakers and, at the same time, promote Swedish and Finnish industry, research and engineering and create new jobs in both countries

Ensure that the Swedish and Finnish authorities initiate a procurement process for new icebreakers and that these icebreakers are designed and built on the basis of Swedish and Finnish requirements using the expertise and technology of the countries’ industries

Considerably improve export opportunities for the Swedish and Finnish marine technology industry by providing the industry with the references required to participate in future high-tech national and international projects

Ensure that new icebreakers are part of the total defence force, are used for specific polar research and also for broader climate and environmental research, maritime surveillance, crisis management and international assignments and collaborations relating to important issues for society

Procure the new icebreakers in accordance with Agenda 2030 and with the world's goals relating to sustainability and the environment

Cooperate with other Swedish and Finnish companies, including subcontractors, government authorities and non-governmental organisations, to achieve the greatest possible benefits for society

Design and build icebreakers that will play a prominent role from an environmental and climate perspective and operate on renewable, nationally produced fuels

Ensure that the icebreaker project creates beneficial conditions for Sweden’s and Finland’s foreign trade, especially by making Swedish and Finnish ports competitive and taking into account the needs of the export and shipping industries

Strengthen the cooperation between Sweden and Finland

Provide a new icebreaker fleet that safeguards winter shipping, but can also be used for other purposes at other times

Design the icebreakers for future upgrades during their life cycle

The cooperation between the partners takes place on a non-exclusive basis.

The partners in the Swedish and Finnish Icebreaker Industry Group are all world leaders in their respective fields.

Stena Polaris

The companies complement one other and together have the necessary research and development capability and the industrial expertise required to develop and deliver sustainable, world-leading icebreakers that meet customers' requirements.

The industry group can therefore offer Sweden and Finland a sustainable, innovative solution at a low risk. The partners are familiar with the Swedish and Finnish markets and with one another. Their existing businesses have close geographical, industrial and cultural links.



ABB has a globally leading businesses in Electrification, Industrial automation, Motion, and Robotics & Discrete Automation. All Supported by the ABB Ability™ Digital platform.



RMC specialises in the construction and maintenance of multi-purpose icebreakers, car and passenger ferries, and vessels for use by the armed forces. RMC represents world-leading expertise in artic shipbuilding, an area heavily relied upon by the know-how and competitiveness.



Saab serves the global market with world-leading products, services and solutions from military defence in all domains to civil security



SSAB Europe is leading nordic-based premium steel producer of high-quality steel strip, plate and tubular products. The division stands out from other steelmakers through its of production processes, application of high-strength steels and value-added services


Stena is one of the world’s largest ferry companies with focus on freight and passenger traffic. Stena Line operates 20 routes in Europe, with 38 ferries, and also owns five ports.



Wallenius is a leading supplier in international shipping as well as a pioneer in marine technical development and a pioneer in the creation of sustainable shipping.



Wärtsilä is a global leader in smart technologies and complete lifecycle solutions for the marine and energy markets.