Icebreakers through the ages

  • 1898 Sampo

    1898 Sampo

    The Sampo was a Finnish icebreaker that was in service between 1898 and 1960. The ship also took part in World War II in the Finnish Navy.

  • 1912 Suur Tõll

    1912 Suur Tõll

    The Suur Tõll (previously the Tsar Mihail Feodorovich, later the Wäinämöinen in Finnish service and the Volynets in Russian and Soviet service) is an Estonian icebreaker used by the Finnish fleet between 1918 and 1922 and during the Finnish War of Independence.

  • 1931 Ymer

    1931 Ymer

    The Ymer was a Swedish icebreaker built at Kockums shipyard in Malmö between 1931 and 1933.

  • 1962 Tor

    1962 Tor

    The Tor was a Swedish icebreaker.

  • 1967 Njord

    1967 Njord

    The Njord was a Swedish icebreaker which was delivered in 1969.

  • 1971 Sisu

    1971 Sisu

    The Sisu is a Finnish icebreaker that has been in service since 1976. The ship has a Finnish sister ship (the Urho) and three Swedish sister ships (the Atle, the Frej and the Ymer).

  • 1974 Atle

    1974 Atle

    The Atle is a Swedish icebreaker built in 1974 and is the first icebreaker in its class. Four more ships in the same class have since been built – the Frej, the Ymer, the Urho and the Sisu.

  • 1989 Oden

    1989 Oden

    The Oden is a Swedish icebreaker and also functions as a research vessel. The ship was delivered in 1989.

  • 1993 MSV Fennica

    1993 MSV Fennica

    The MSVFennica is a Finnish icebreaker that has been in operation since 1993.

  • 2015 Polaris

    2015 Polaris

    The Polaris is a Finnish icebreaker. She was ordered in February 2014 and launched on 3 January 2016.