One sea – two nations

Finland and Sweden need modern icebreakers. The two countries have a long history of managing their joint interests in the Baltic Sea, not least in winter. Collaborating on building and operating the next generation of icebreakers will bring benefits for both countries.

The start of a new era

Climate-smart shipping

Sustainable, climate-smart transports have the potential of solving a major challenge related to climate change. Environmentally friendly ships will  ensure truly climate-smart transports. Next generation icebreakers are potential  role models for other types of vessels.

Developing shipping

Moving goods from road and rail to climate-smart maritime transport will benefit the environment. Maritime traffic must be made even more competitive by eliminating or at least reducing fairway dues. Work on expanding ports and logistics nodes must continue.

“Winter route maintenance” at sea should be funded by the state, just as it is on land.

The expertise is there

The maritime industry cluster in Sweden and Finland can design, build and, if necessary, also operate icebreakers. The maritime industry not only designs and builds icebreakers, the industry also develops facilities for maritime research and innovation. New technologies create new market opportunities.

New icebreakers is a potential flagship project for climate-smart shipping, innovation and multifunctionality.

The maritime industry – exports

Both Finland and Sweden have modern, cutting-edge maritime industries. Growth in this area will lead to job creation and increased tax revenues in an industry that has the potential of being one of the solutions to climate change and environmental issues.

New icebreakers built in Finland and Sweden will strengthen the partnership between the two countries, create new jobs and increase earnings from taxes, improve export opportunities for the marine engineering industry and play an important role in the recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Icebreaker Polaris

Multifunctional and innovative

An icebreaker should be able to do more than just break ice. A multifunctional vessel can perform other roles such as defence, marine and climate research and transport. It can also lead to innovations and technological developments. New icebreakers that are based on innovations and new technical solutions can bridge the gap to the next generation of climate-smart, sustainable and functional ships.

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